Those Lads Changed Everything

Welcome again to Stealing which we bring you weekly on The WTIT Blog. We have gotten really good at just stealing a meme from someone else’s post. (You can play meme with Judd and the official Sunday Stealing meme.) Today we ripped this off a blogger named CENSORED. But, it was probably stolen there as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Tracing back our theft's thieves might take some time. Let's go!  

1. Where are you from and where do you live now? Except for college and a year in Boston, I've always lived in Connecticut. I grew up in West Hartford. I've lived about forty minutes away from there since 2004.

2. Favorite childhood story/book/film? The Lord of the Rings. Although by the time the epic films were made I had children of my own.

3. If you could change gender for a day what would you do?
Not leave my bedroom.

4. Do you feel your family is complete or would you like more/some children? I have four kids and three grandchildren. So yes, Kathy and I are planning for more. Gees.

5. What do you do/Where do you work and do you enjoy it?
I sell alcohol to liquor stores in Western Massachusetts. It's a calling, so of course I enjoy it. Cheers!

6. Which three words do you think sum you up? Simply the best.

7. If you were a fairy what magical powers would you possess? I'd put dust on somebody else to write Saturday 9 and Sunday Stealing. You probably don't realize this, but fucking avatars are no help what-so-ever.

8. If you were invisible, where would you go and what would you do? Why? I hate super-power questions, so fuck off.

9. What song can’t you listen to without crying? Don't Fuck Around With Love.

10. Which book changed your life – or at least made you think a lot? The dictionary. Before spell check I was pathetic.

11. Why do you blog? Good question. When I figure it out I will get back to you. 'Kay?

12. What is your top ‘me-time’ tip? Smirnoff on the rocks.

Kathy with Lindsay.
13. What can’t you live without? Rock music, WTIT, Kathy and the aforementioned kids and grandchildren, in no particular order.

14. Which of all your blog posts are you most proud of and why?
The post I wrote about the struggles my daughter Jules had with her eating disorder. She has since recovered, graduated UConn and is doing great.

15. Have you ever met a famous person? Who and where? I've met Huey Lewis and I've kissed Bonnie Raitt. I hear that she still misses me.

16. When did you last have a full nights sleep? Last night. Since we've bought the house and a new king bed, I sleep through the night. I hadn't done that in years.

17. What would you think is harder: Going to work or staying at home with children? Prediction: Mommy bloggers will say kids. Everyone else will say work. I say work.

18. What are you doing for Easter?
Selling those naked pics of your mom.

19. What is your favorite drink?
Smirnoff. I know, you didn't see THAT coming.

20. Do you play any sports?
I've had nine spinal surgeries, so while tempting, no. I love watching, particularly the Connecticut Cupcakes of The World Naked Women Volleyball Association.

21. What is your most embarrassing moment? The time I rushed the court after The Cupcakes won their championship in 2008. Who knew naked women didn't want men to join in the celebration?

22. How clever are you?
I think I hold my own.

23. Name a new favorite TV show? I'm trying to get into Luck on HBO. It's a bit slow, but Jill Hennessy is a co-star. Dustin Hoffman leads an excellent assemble cast.

24. Any guilty pleasures?
Too many to list, but I did divorce Marlboro in 2004.

25. If you could have chosen your own name, what would it be?
Judd Corizan.

26. Who do you most admire in life, and why? John Lennon. He and three guys from Liverpool changed everything.

27. What is your most treasured possession? My WTIT recordings.

28. Tell your favorite funny joke…
A guy walks into a friend's office and says, “You gotta help me. My wife thinks she's a birthday card!” The friend replies, “Why don't you send her to a psychiatrist?” The guy says, “Why? He never sent me one.”

29. What is your biggest fear in life? That I'll wake up and find out it's still 2003 and I'm still sick.

30. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? What does it remind you of? I know. I should have edited this one out. But 30 was a better number than 29 and I didn't feel like stealing a question from Harriet.

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