Blue Jobs and Happy Hours

On Thursday The WTIT Blog does a meme called Thursday Thunks written by Berleen and Kimber. We had tried to refrain from adding a third meme as a feature. This meme is similar to both Saturday 9 and Sunday Stealing. Although, it is a bit crazier. We were both honored and terrified when we were asked to join in. And we have really enjoyed it. It now is one of our most popular freatures and one of our personal favorites! All the meme questions are in bold.

Thursday Thunks: Ouch, Denim, News and That Desert Island Question Again

This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by Berleen, the number one thousand twenty seven and the color of leaves in the fall.

1. My daughter (aka Demon #1) informed me the other day that her hugs were worth a million dollars. Would you give up hugs - giving and receiving - for the rest of your life, for a million dollars? I am a guy. We'd give up hugs for a lots less than a million. Just for the sole reason that it would cut down on foreplay and move things on to the main event.

2. Have you ever been bitten by a member of the canine family? I was bitten by a woman who liked biting in her foreplay. As I remember it, she was really not all that pretty. But whether she was an actual member of the canine family, I really don't remember.

3. What is your favorite color of jeans? Blue jobs.

4. What is something that has changed in public schools that you wish was the norm when you were in school? There is a greater understanding that using nicknames for sports teams that use terms for Native Americans is an absurd practice. I remember at an early age, say 10, that I asked my dad about it. I could not understand associating the names bears, lions, or eagles along with a team named either Indians or some other derivative. My dad just said I had a valid point, but that it was a long standing tradition.

5. What is your news source? Smoke signals. I really have always felt a kinship with Native Americans.

6. What sort of people do you think read your blog? I think on the average they are exceptionally bright. You have to read between the lines to realized that I'm just not some dummy that posts pictures of half dressed women. And the readers are 95% women. I've always said that I think that women enjoy trying to understand how men really think. And boyfriends and husbands just lie to placate them. Here they get the real deal, in a in-your-face fairly humorous type of way.

7. If I told you that I had a headache, you would say..........??? I'd say leave that excuse for your husband. Sex with a new guy takes them right away.

8. You go to a buffet style restaurant, what is the first food you put on your plate? Alpo.

9. If you were stranded on a desert island.... no, we aren't asking that again. Let's put a twist into this. Would you volunteer to be dropped off on a desert island, to be picked up in a month? And you don't get to bring those 3 items, either. Why on earth would anyone but a fucktard do that? What the fuck is the upside?

10. When the sun sets, what are you usually doing? Smirnoff. Everyone know the sun sets during happy hour.

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Anonymous said...

Awww...thanks for the "exceptionally bright" compliment Bud ;)

Happy Almost Thursday!!

Through Thick and Thin said...

woohooo fucktards and smirnoff. for some reason they seem to go together....

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

hey bud! i loved "blue jobs" and native americans (hubby is american indian) he always says.... if columbus was greeted by the indians when he "discovered" america, how did he get to discover it is the INDIANS GREETED HIM???? good point ya think?

also, hubby loved your smirnoff answer. so now you've got the both of us LOAO!


Jodi said...

I mean really right Bud?? Why in the blue hell would someone choose to be dropped off on a deserted island for a month? I have better things to do. My luck some fucktard would be dropped off along with me and I'd have to try and ignore him for 30 days.

Amber said...

the upside, of course, is a wicked body tan and some well exfoliated skin.
The answer to #2 was awful, but totally hilarious!

I am Harriet said...

We have a real native collegiate sports team name issue here. All kinds of alumni money on both sides...
Gilligan rocks!

Have a great Thursday!

shopannies said...

what great and inventive answers

LivingDeadNurse said...

leave your excuses for your hubby hehe..loved it

yea didn't think that was a smart idea for the island thing

Anonymous said...

LOL on Gilligan...he rocks. And smoke signals...that is the bomb :)

CarolinaDreamz said...

Seriously? Seriously. Your answers are always so entertaining. :)


Ria said...

Love your answers - #6 is very insightful!!

Becca said...

You really are right about your blog. It's very different from every other blog!