I'll Make the Tequila Shooters

Welcome again to Stealing which we bring you weekly on The WTIT Blog. We have gotten really good at just stealing a meme from someone else’s post. Today the meme is part is ripped off from a lady named Melissalovedie from a blog called Pray for Me If You Dare. Usually we have no idea where she got it from. We usually don't go back to the credit previous thefts anyway. Too much effort, and really who cares? Usually, what we steal is stolen as well. However, this week she credits her tag by saying she "got tagged by Closet Child ." We have this attitude because we believe we are just smarter by calling our theft “A Feature”. All meme questions are in bold. A nice touch is that every week some of you rip it off from me. Please continue to do so.

Cheers to all us THIEVES!!

The "Did a Stoned Twelve Year-Old Write This?" Meme:

Real name: Budwick, Prince of Tapes

Nicknames: I answer to almost any grunt in my direction, “Hey you”, ”sir”, “old guy” but never “hey fuck face.”

Married: You’d have to get me pregnant.

Male/Female: Hang on, I’ll look. Still male.

High school: Petty, boring, surprised to graduate, WTIT had 10 DJs (The regular 5: Johnnie, Killer Joe, Bouncing Billy, Galloping Gary and I and the Kingswood guys: Teddy Q, Carter B., Hunt Winklee, Benny Hedges, Bull Durham, Ken Kolt)

College: Where I really learned about life and sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. First time on both college & pro radio stations.

University: Why kind of fucking moron wrote this? “See college”. (Is this like a freakin’ British thing?)

Short or long hair: Please. I’ve had almost every length, but normal is a good answer from age 40 forward.

Are you a healthy freak: Yes. I still put a lime in my Smirnoff.

Height: 6 feet. No inches. Of course with no inches how I got to be six feet is still a mystery.

Do you have a crush on someone: Thank you for this question. I haven’t thought about Jill Hennessy for two weeks. Ahhh. Jill.

Do you like yourself: I think I’m a fucking riot. But I am an aquired taste.

Piercings: I’ve already said I’m over forty. In fact, way over. They are working on my fucking teeth.

Righty or lefty: Righty. If I were a lefty my baseball pitching career would have been longer. I might have thrown a second inning.

Surgery: 7 back surgeries, an angioplasty and recently dental. The back lost me two years. If you find them I’d like them back.

Piercing: Ask a fucking question just once in a meme, dildo.

Award: On the blog we’ve won quite a few. But “Bestest Blog” was the bestest, er best.

Sport you joined: I would never join anything that would have me as a member.

Pet: Just my virtual dog "Happy". He doesn't eat anything and I never have to walk him.

Vacation: This summer to the New Jersey shore with two of my kids, two kids-in-law and two grandchildren. I am taking applications from women wanting to win a trip with me. Stand in line. No pushing. Email me. Geez.

Concert: Most recently Johnnie Walker took me to see Jimmy Buffett at Mohegan Sun. Buffett never disappoints. It is amazing that he is so huge and the radio just plays three of his songs.

First crush: That I’ve heard of? The Orange Crush Defense of the Denver Broncos in the 80’s.

Currently.... Eating: Not yet. Good question. Tho. It's so easy to eat and type.

Drinking: Diet Coke. It’s still early.

I'm about to: I thought of three totally obscene answers here. Pick one out yourself and insert it. No, insert it on the page. Some people can’t get their heads out of the gutter.

Your future... (Or in my case, my past. I think a twelve year-old wrote this.)

Want kids: I have four. Heather, Ben, James Austin and Jules.

Want to get married: Another fucking repeat question. A twelve year-old smoking pot wrote these!

Careers in mind: I’ll continue with God’s work keeping Massachusetts safe from sobriety.

Which is better?? Lips or eyes: From an interactive standpoint lips. Try kissing an eye.

Hugs and kisses: Whichever gets her to take off her clothes faster.

Shorter or taller: Whomever takes off her clothes faster.

Romantic or spontaneous: They are not mutually exclusive. (Yes. I almost used the last line again.)

Sensitive or loud: Whatever. But sometimes I thought she was trying to wake up the neighbors.

Troublemaker or hesitant: Let’s go for trouble. I’ll make the Tequila Shooters. Make that Jose Cuervo Platino shooters.

Have you ever... Kissed a stranger: BWAHAHAHA. Remember my age. I’ve slept with more strangers that I care to share. Sorry!

Drank bubbles: Only on New Years after the lobsters are killed.

Lost glasses or contacts: I lose reading glasses so much I only buy them at the dollar store.

Ran away from home: Like someone would want to move in. Pay attention here for chrissakes.

Liked someone younger: Oh yea. On our first date she asked, “Your not as old as my father are you?” I asked, “How old is he? (I was 42.) She said, “39.” I stated, “Nope. I’m not his age.”

Liked someone older: Since I don’t ask for I.D.s, some have been older.

Broke someone's heart: That was never the plan. I hope not.

Cried when someone died: When John Lennon was assassinated.

Do you believe in... Yourself: I think this blog is living proof that I have way too much ego. I do try to tone it down.

Miracles: Just when Smokey Robinson was still with the band. They were as good a R&B band as there ever was.

Heaven: No. Nor do I believe there are 70 virgins (of age) anywhere.

Santa Claus: For Lauren and Lindsay I do. (My perfect granddaughters).

Magic: Only in the “That was awesome sex” thing.

Angels: Besides Patrick Swayze and Nicholas Cage? No.

Answer truthfully... Is there someone you want to be with right now?: Yes. Great question.

Do you believe in God: Does He believe in me? Ah, I thought not.

That does it for Stealing. We will return with
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"This is never exciting."
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Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I love your dog, Happy. I assume he keeps his litter box fairly clean. I LOL-ed when you repeatedly suspected the meme's author to be a twelve-year old.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...


Thanks for stopping by. I've cleaned up after Happy either! Thanks!

Ann said...

(LOL) I started laughing at "Did a stoned twelve year old write this" and I still haven't stopped. Of course, I also love the idea of stealing memes. I don't know why I don't blog hop more~

Thanks for the laughs, Rock Star~


Mimi Lenox said...

I should have had the bubbles BEFORE the lobster killing.....

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Hi Ann-

Nice to see you. I've never even seen a stoned 12 year-old. (To my knowledge.)

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...


The Godiva, Hon.

Dawn said...

I think this is your best meme yet!
I laughed all the way through... :)

LMAO @ I think I’m a fucking riot. But I am an acquired taste.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...


Thanks. And I am an aquired taste! ;)

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Are you a healthy freak? I didn't know that putting lime in your Smirnoff qualified. Creative thinking here. I like it. Have a great day Bud. :)

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...


Well half right. I am a bit of a freak...

Epiphany Alone said...

Did you photoshop that picture? Why were we all wearing blue? Was it Blaze's birthday? (Do we wear blue for Blaze's birthday?)

Shannon H. said...

Cute dog.

Kissing an eye would indeed be gross.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...


That was at my (don't tell anybody) 50th birthday party. The blue was symbolic of getting OLDER!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...


And I don't even know whose dog it is...