Maybe I'll Get Lucky This Week

Welcome again to Stealing which we bring you weekly on The WTIT Blog. We have gotten really good at just stealing a meme from someone else’s post. Today the meme is ripped off from a lady named Cat from a blog called Sweet Memes. We found her blog from her participation in Saturday 9. On her blog she does memes. We may use her again. She never says where they are from, which is fine. We never go back to the credit previous thefts anyway. Too much effort, and really who cares? Usually, what we steal is stolen as well. We are just smarter by calling our theft “A Feature”. All meme questions are in bold. This is a long meme, so we broke it into parts. Today is "The Last Part!" A nice touch is that every week some of you rip it off from me. Please continue to do so.

Cheers to all us THIEVES!!

The 13 Questions at a Time Meme: The Last Part with 19 Questions! (A bonus as it were...)

1. do you play an instrument? No. So with my love affair with music, I had to become someone who introduced the songs. I studied piano with negative results. Be thankful you missed those days.

2. have you ever written a poem or a song? The songs I wanted no credit for, so I let the two boys in the band get credit. Lennon & McCartney, were the guys, if I remember correctly.

3. has anyone ever written a poem or a song about you? Jill Hennessy most recently. I have a library wing in the World Headquarters of WTIT devoted to both song and rhyme about the Budman.

4. where's the one place you like to be when you've had enough of the world? One place? I dunno. The Playboy Mansion? A Cat House in Nevada? Yankee Stadium? When I have had enough with “the world” as this question frames the discussion, I don’t want to travel. I like to chill.

5. what's the longest time you've ever stayed awake? Never 24 hours. Perhaps nearly, but even then only if a major crash period had been scheduled before reentry. In college when I was still a “baby” in terms of practical thinking. Now I am just a baby about everything.

6. if you had control over an army tank for the day with no rules, you would... Destroy the tank. One less on the planet to fight, injure or kill.

7. describe the type of person you think you'll be when you're old: First of all, I am not young. So tread lightly here. I understand more and fear less as I get older, so I guess that I will be a lot smarter and more experienced as I hit my retirement days. But in reality, I'll just drink more and hire hookers.

8. what are your three favourite songs ever? Too stupid to answer. Unless you are about 10. “Ever” would be, say two years?

9. how old do you act? I act my age. Generally speaking. Did I tell you about the French beautiful twins that just moved into the building upstairs? I think they were asking my age as we played strip poker. I think I made them guess. If they got it wrong, they would remove one more piece of clothing. I just kept saying, “Wrong” so I watched as double heaven become even more inspiring.

10. what type of a person are you? Just your average Tape Radio DJ who writes a blog kind-of-guy.

11. do you think the world will ever end? With everything there is a season. Of course. Not soon, however. Won't that make a great post the next day!

12. have you ever phoned a sex line? Yuk. I’m more of a “hands on” sorta guy.

13. have you ever pretended you were someone else? Yes Michael Jordan. It is uncanny how folks confuse us.

14. have you ever taken drugs? No. Why? Are yours missing?

15. describe the nearest picture to you: The WTIT 20th Anniversary Poster from 1987.

16. are you easily deceived? Well there was that time I believed a friend that said that Lincoln was named after the car.

17. are you a good judge of character? I am a guy. I think I can judge fellows fairly well. But for some reason, men have no clue of character when they are dealing with women. After she says your are the best, biggest, handsomest or whatever, we believe every other lie that comes out of her mouth.

18. have you ever fallen in public? No. But maybe I’ll get lucky this week.

19. hope you enjoyed the survey. how long did it take you? Three weeks. And personally I should have gone at a slower pace. And I hope you don't think you'd ever make a living writing, as you call them, "surveys".

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Dawn said...

#14... your answer was brilliant! LMAO

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Thanks. I always question someone's motive if we are talking stash...

FoxxFyrre said...

You've been tagged