Waiting Till Jill Comes Around

We hope that you are enjoying your Wednesday. WTIT: The Blog will try to give you a smile. We thought we’d share some of the most interesting questions our friends in the blogosphere have asked us in our “Comments” section. The comments are from posts from the last month. Some have been edited for clarity. All these questions are real. Our comments are not neccessarily the same as those we posted when we originally responded. Comments on our posts we take seriously. In this feature, sorry everyone, we don't. Reader’s questions/comments are in bold.

Great post title... my hand slipped off the mouse in my rush to get here :)) Because I said I was going to take off my pants? This is what I love about the blogosphere. In the real world women generally beg me to stay dressed.

I just can't see you in a private all male school. I really can't. Bwahahahahaha. It was not a pretty picture. In fact, any problems I have had in life, including a failed marriage or two, I blame on that boys’ school.

My parents once pondered sending me to an all-girls school. Um.. no. But you might have liked it ;). Are you kidding me? You think I might be comfortable with all those girls? You probably wouldn't you believe this, but in the "real world" it has been observed that I am rather shy and reserved. You are not buying this shit. But, come on - you gotta admit for me it was worth a fucking shot.

I still think if you hold out long enough Jill will come around. Give her time... I’ve given Jill Hennessy 7 years, 3 months 3 days and 13 hours so far. But you are probably right. She really wants me. It’s just her way of playing hard-to-get.

Actually I liked this post a lot--way cool. First post that I wrote that you ever liked, right? A lot of people get surprised when they actually enjoy a post of mine.

I don't know where to start... the whole damned thing was funny. Especially leaving your email address for potential girlfriend apps... But I only got one response to it. It said, “Bud, If you get another girlfriend this decade I’d be surprised.” Not exactly a rousing success. Why didn’t anybody apply? I will dwell on this a long time. Oh, fuck it. I need a Smirnoff.

Kinda like winter in Montreal... No, I do not think winter in New England is anything like winter in Montreal. In Montreal they say, “Fuck- it is cold!” in a French accent.

Bwahahahaaaa! Thanks for the good laugh - finally I found answers to my questions. But... never ever name me "lady" again, can you hear me? There are far too many proofs I´m not... =) Wow, I never thought you’d send me photo proofs of those type of pictures of you. Your body is SO flexible. That is talent. And, you are correct. I will never call you a lady again. You wanna come over this weekend with any video?

I can't believe you passed on Elton John. Are you still kicking yourself? I do not generally regret sleeping late on a weekend. But, yes, I probably should have got up to meet Sir Elton. Although, if the situation was reversed, do you think he would have gotten up at 8AM on a Saturday to meet the world’s greatest Tape DJ?

You're sick Bud, you really are, but I like your style. The fact that a lady such as yourself would call me sick, does explains a lot about my love life. I appreciate the vote of confidence though!

And if I hear Paris Hilton or Britney Spears name once more I'm going to split my pencil skirt. I think we are pretty much done with the topic, so I am sure you can expense the skirt. But seriously, you can not make this shit up.

We hope to have helped you get through your Hump Day. We cannot thank you enough for stopping by the WTIT Blog. In fact we owe you big time. Next time, we will be back with A DJ's Take. Unless we get a better offer. Check it out.
That is, if you dare.
We will be right here.
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Bond said...

Your comments tend to be a little on the "I do not believe this" side, don't they?

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I can't believe it! But yes...

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Well, you don't believe it Bud. Very well done as always. Still wish you had met Sir Elton. You are right though, he wouldn't have gotten up early to meet you. Have a great day Bud. :)

Ann said...

I've always thought you should be careful about what you write in comments, especially with so many Jokesters running around free...LOL

Really funny post Bud, as usual~


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Yes, I think I shoulda met Elton. Maybe next time?


Thank you!

Dawn said...

shy and reserved? LMAO! good one Bud!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...


I can occssionally OVER-play the hand I was dealt.

My bad...