They're Called Massholes

We hope that you are enjoying your Hump Day. WTIT: The Blog will try to give you a smile. We thought we’d share some of the most interesting questions our friends in the Blogosphere ask us in our “Comments” section. The comments are from posts from over the last month. Some have been edited for clarity. All these question are real. Our comments are not neccessarily the same as those when we originally responded. Comments on our posts we take seriously. In this feature, sorry everyone, we don't. These comments were made through December 16, 2007. Reader’s questions/comments are in bold.

What do you mean Prince Charming doesn't exist? I refuse to believe that! He's just hanging out with the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny for a bit down in the Bahamas! OK. I have a corner that you can sit in. Sit down slowly… I just have to make one phone call.

Oh my... you always find the craziest stuff [for Dating Profiles]! That Yahtzee one made my head spin, and geez, stay away from that majorly manly one! Please don't tell me that they're all as bad as these... No, most actual dating profiles and the people you meet are MUCH worse than I talk about.

Cute picture, whatcha holding? A picture of your mama doing the nasty. Why?

I'll bet since you referenced Jill and had a picture of random topless brunette volleyball player (she looks like she might fall on those legs like a baby giraffe) that picture will circulate the Internets as Jill eventually. The random lady IS a nude picture of Jill Hennessy playing volleyball. And since I’ve written that if you now google “Jill – Naked Volleyball” they will lead you here. Now a lot of guys are going to write me: "Fuck you Bud Weiser. That ain't Jill..."

I've gotten a man pregnant or two back in my day. I shudder to think how.

Cryptic? Me? This week? How? Nervous, almost paranoid. Need to talk?

I'm missing, cryptic, naughty and up-to-no-good as usual. In fact, if anyone crosses me this week, I may make their life a living hell. Not speaking to you specifically Bud, just sayin'. If you hit your head, slept at the palace, began speaking like Lola, then and only then would I be concerned. Oh wait, it’s the phone. Hello? Got it. Thanks. Lola says we are all fucked because I dropped her feature. She also asked how Ann was doing.

Now, as for keeping the State of Massachusetts from being sober, does this mean I can throw some of the blame for the God-awful drivers up that way on your shoulders? Or are they just that way naturally? That’s why we call them Massholes!

We hope to have helped you get through your Wednesday that feels like a Monday. We cannot thank you enough for stopping by the WTIT Blog. In fact we won't even try. Next time, we will be back with more lunacy. Check it out.
That is, if you dare. Or for that matter, care.
We will be right here.
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Sanni said...

Oh my... why didn´t my hubby get pregnant instead of me? *LOL* The porcelain god is my best friend =)

Linda said...

Well, guess you cleared a few things up there! I still refuse to believe that Prince Charming doesn't exist, though!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...


You should have tried harder.


The Prince exists. We just misplaced him.

Bond said...

WANT TO TALK, why? Did I say something? Last week? a month ago? what?


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...


The doctor will be right with you...

Epiphany Alone said...

I like the new picture of you and New Mom...uh...Jill in your running gear. Are the red ribbons for AIDS awareness or Africa?

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I wish I could say it was for a cause. But the photographer caught me wrapping presents, so I stuck it there...

Sanni said...

I´ll promise to try harder next time. Any suggestions??? *grin*

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...


Like anything else, it's a lot of practice. Not that it will work, but you should have a good time!