Barefoot and Blogging

So, there I was a week ago complaining about Lola dying and all and a woman who calls herself "Crazy Sam" invites me to participate in her new Saturday 9 meme. A few thoughts went through my little brain. Why would anyone want to become Lola? And if you did, surely she could not have actually read about how well Lola and I got along. Does this mean I should start off by actually being nice? Yea, you are right. I am better at “wise-ass” than “nice”. All of Sam's questions are in bold.

Saturday 9: The One Who Got Away

1. Do you have a former lover who you feel is “the one who got away”? As in all of them? Although I don’t think that is what you mean. I am not sure I look at women that way. I have two past relationships where I think occasionally about the people. I don’t think either are going to surprise me and knock on the door.

2. Do you have a nickname? If yes, do you like it? Shit. This is yet another question that’s in every fucking meme. BUD. Is it a nick name? No, my ‘rents said, “Pick a beer out. We will call him that.” It could have been worse. It could have been Shlitz.

3. Did you go to theater, museums, or art galleries growing up? Toddy fucking ho. Either I was sick those days or have erased them from my memory. I did a lot of that boring shit during one of my marriages, if I remember correctly. Which wife was that?

4. What shoes are you wearing right at this moment? Au natural. Barefoot and blogging: The definition of freedom.

5. What do people who know you think is your best feature? You mean me not the blog, right? I think people who really know me know I treat people with respect and I am honest. I am not really much like my blog persona. Other than the humor. My warped sense of humor is the same.

6. What do you like on your pizza? Sam, stay up late writing this question? Geez. First tell me, do you fucking deliver?

7. Do you believe people who curse generally do so because of a lack of vocabulary? Fuck no. I think it is usually constant with some, which is boring. Others, mostly use it for emphasis.

8. How well do you sing? So terribly that I became a DJ. I love music, so I introduced it. Mimi Lenox (who sings opera BTW) used to beg me to stop.

9. How well do you get along with your family? 99% Fantasticly. The one person I’d rather not talk about. Let’s say I am really working on it.

What do you think? Now will she uninvited me? Stay tuned. Lola always deleted me when I said, “my answers are up”. We will see fast about this lady.

Also in the Blogosphere on this Saturday: I asked, okay begged Mimi to do the band meme I stole and did earlier the week. Not only did hers come out great, but she tagged the universe. It is amazing to me the way her readers respond to her. Both of mine when aslked claim not to even read mine. Check out The Queen’s fine work in a post she calls No Autographs Please.

That’s as far as this ride goes on a Saturday. Please keep your arms in and remain sitting until the ride comes to a full stop. The WTIT Blog will return. Not that there’s a demand for it. But that does not matter. Or does it?
Next time we will do Stealing. Join us.
Same time. Same blog.


Samantha Winters said...

First, great answers. And guess what Mr. Bud, I am NOT Lola. I think you are a riot. So keep giving me your best shot!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Thanks. And I thought I had. We will return!

Christy said...

That was definitely entertaining, lol. You're supposed to tattoo the name of your wife on your arm (while you're still in love of course) so that you can keep track of them all, keep this in mind for the next wife! LoL.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...


Next wife, really? There has got to be a better idea...

Mimi Lenox said...
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Mimi Lenox said...

Saturday9 has come and gone. And nobody died.
Does anybody know what happened to the real Lola? Was there a real Lola? Maybe Lola was Crazy Sam all along! In know how the blogosphere works. It could happen.
I don't think 9's questions are stupid like 8's. This could be a challenge. That's never stopped you before so this should be very interesting. What are you gonna rag on?! Do tell.

The Band Meme is spinning out of control. Exponentially. People really love it. Do you remember where you got it?
People think I created it. I told them it came from you and that's all I know thus far. You - at this moment - are the Father of The Band Meme. Sorta fits with the Last DJ thing anyway...Too funny.

P.S. Your singing isn't that bad. (cough cough)Unless there's Smirnoff involved.....

Dawn said...

Yes the band meme is everywhere! I stole it from you.. someone stole it from me.. and I've seen it on a couple of more blogs today. It's a cool meme :)))

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...


When there's Smirnoff?
I have no idea where I stole the band meme. Only a couple of people had done it when I ripped it.


We were ahead of the curve...

Mimi Lenox said...

Yes, Smirnoff. I only drank a little and each time your singing got worse. So that makes my judgement faulty for sure.