You Say It's Your Birthday

It is a Saturday on the WTIT Tape Radio Blog. I told you yesterday that today would be ugly today. It is my birthday. Truly a depressing day. The pictures of the celebs below in our post happen to share the day with me. Quite the cream of the crop, don’t you think? And how better to celebrate it than with a SPECIAL retake on Lola's BIRTHDAY Saturday 8?

We try to bring this feature to you every Saturday on the WTIT Tape Radio Blog, this meme that is called Saturday 8. The author for years has been a lady named Lola. While she used to post every week, Lola now has her problems from time to time. So now we can only do the feature if she bothers to post. The stars must in in alignment, or something like that, today. Lola's questions often make no sense what-so-ever. We feel it is part of her "charm". All quotes in bold are from Lola. Also, any spelling and grammar mistakes that are in Lola’s meme, we leave there. We wouldn’t want to mess around with her “art”.

sat8 :: you say it's your birthday

1. as you get older, are you jazzed about your birthday? Yes, that’s my usual reaction. Hey wow! A year older. Although the years that a naked lady appears at my
door, I am always fond of...

2. do people usually remember your birthday? No. That is why I have started a “write-in” campaign to make it a national holiday. So far I have two signitures, Hamied my cab driver and The Blog Fairy. When your own Mom always forgets it, it is bad.

3. an ex-coworker used to begin 3 mos. before her birthday flat-out reminding us that it was coming up. it's amazing what no self-esteem does for you. anyway, do you know anyone who pre-announces their birthdays? No, but I know a lot who pre-announce their sex life. Oh Lola, BTW, I bet you do the old "pre-announce", too. But since it is you everyone loves it. Says you...

4. what was your best birthday? why? The year my girlfriend brought home a beautiful girlfriend to help us celebrate.

5. what was your worst birthday? why? The next year when she announced that was leaving me for her beautiful girlfriend.

6. name your best birthday gift. How about the most unusual? Last year my 82 year-old father called with my present. It was a woman’s phone number he met the night before. After he bragged about me she gave him her number. I now had her number. She was either the most desperate woman in New England or my father is a great salesman. I still have it. Hmmmmm. Do you think she'll notice that I took a year to call???

7. name the best birthday gift you've gotten for someone else.
I think when I agreed to stop stalking my ex-girlfriend. She said it was the best thing ever!

8. as i age, i value SLEEP as a priceless commodity. i didn't get any for my birthday, however. what do you want this year for your birthday? Don’t bother me now, Lola can't you see that I am trying to get some sleep. Jeez. What will I do with you?

Thanks for stopping by today.
That is it for the Bud "Pity Part" Birthday Edition of the WTIT Tape Radio Blog. We will return tomorrow with Stealing! You better call everybody now. They'll all want to be here. At a Tape Radio station. Join us.
Same time. Same blog.


Epiphany Alone said...

Happy birthday, Dad! Here's hoping it doesn't suck too much (or maybe that it sucks a lot?)

I love you!

FoxxFyrre said...

Happy Birthday Bud

Hmmm, Yours on the second, Lance's (Solitary Views) on the third, and mine on the fourth. Something tells me the three of us should never be in the same area for these three days--The world would spin backwards, there would be no Grande Marnier or Smirnoff left anywhere, and WTIT would become KTIT TV--The Videotape Television Station, simply because we'd need a hard copy video because no one would believe the antics (and we probably wouldn't remember those three days anyway).
KTIT TV--could you imagine what the video logo would look like ggg.

FoxxFyrre said...

Puts a whole new light on the
BOOB TUBE doesn't it. ha!

Linda said...

You share a birthday with Adam Ant and Ken Berry both?!? Cool!

Look at it this way, either you have another birthday each year or you're dead so I say celebrate and enjoy it to the best of your ability!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

It was a rough week. Today WILL be better! Thank you!

Mine is the 3rd so Lance & I are twin sons of different parentage.

You are SO right! I really don't get depressed about birthdays. For the exact reason you state: It beats tha alternative. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Budman! Hope no more car accidents are in your future. Enjoy your special day.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I hope not either. Enjoy your day, too.