There Was Weather in Frisco

We try to bring this feature to you every Saturday on the WTIT Tape Radio Blog, this meme that is called Saturday 8. The author for years has been a lady named Lola. While she used to post every week, Lola now has her problems from time to time. So now we can only do the feature if she bothers to post. The stars must in in alignment, or something like that, today. Lola's questions often make no sense what-so-ever. We feel it is part of her "charm". All quotes in bold are from Lola. Also, any spelling and grammar mistakes that are in Lola’s meme, we leave there. We wouldn’t want to mess around with her “art”.

1. what was your worst job? why? It was a cold rainy night in Frisco. I was a private dick and things got strange. I saw her talk to my receptionist, Patty. “She looks like Trouble” I thought. As she entered I said, “Hey doll face. What’s your name?” She wiped her eyes. “Triuble,” she began, “Susan Triuble”. “Shit” I thought. I almost guessed the name right. Cutting to the chase we had to dig up her ex-husband. It was gross.

2. what was your best job? why? It was a sunny afternoon in Frisco. It was a “World is My Oyster” kind of day. . I was a private dick and things got going great. She walked in my office. “I lost something”, she began. “I’ll help you find it,” I said without hesitation, “What’cha lose?” She looked serene, “My virginity,” she responded. Now that turned into one terrific afternoon.

3. are you looking for a new job now? And then who would keep Massachusetts safe from sobriety? People need me.

4. when did you get the job you have now? if you're unemployed, how long have you been without a job? If you are unemployed this is a gem of a question. I hope you weren't reading our post to escape those thoughts. I started my fourth year in May.

5. have you ever been fired from a job? what happened? My boss had warned me to stop fooling around with the owner’s wife. Since the owner was ALWAYS at work I thought, “He would never catch us”. But that night he caught a flu bug and skipped his nightly meetings. It was so NOT pretty. He said right away, “Get dressed and out of here. You are FIRED!” His wife was hot but not too bright, “You can’t fire me, you can only divorce me, silly.” He looked her in the eye. “I was talking to Bud numb nuts over there!” I left then. It was clear they had issues to work out.

6. have you ever had a horrible, back-stabbing colleague? No, Lola. But I have had a terrific fun loving back-stabbing colleague. Let me venture a WILD guess, Lola. You’ve perceived that you have a lot of these problems where ever you've worked, I imagine.

7. have you heard of or ever been involved in a an office scandal at your work? Once when I was in radio sales I was having affairs with two of the female sales reps. The women did not know about each other. When the shit hit the fan my boss was pissed, “Couldn't you just keep doing the owner's wife and leave these other women alone.” That was almost good advise. So I guess I got the last laugh on that boss, because sticking just to the owner's wife didn’t work out that well, as I reported in this post, earlier.

8. what's your dream job? Getting paid by fixing your mistakes to proof read your two blogs Lola. I would never be out of work. Although, actually figuring out what you mean might be a huge challenge. Oh well, I am up for it. When do I start, Ms. Lola?

We hope you enjoyed your visit to the WTIT Tape Radio Blog on a Saturday. Next time we will bring you Stealing! Please stop by! If you don't have a better offer that is. Always hold out for that best offer! See you next time.
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog header there Budman. hey, I finally figured out that playlist thing. I made one for my Fantasy Football team called IPOG. You can see it by clicking on IPOG on my navigation bar under my banner header thingy. Hope you are well.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Thanks for the props. Things are great!