Screw Perfection

Weekly, WTIT Tape Radio: The Blog scours on-line dating sites to present the most telling lines. The spelling or grammar errors were in the original profiles. The profile statements are in bold. Let the stupidity begin!!

I like Pina Colata's, getting caught in the rain... You have GOT to be shitting me.

I like musicians. Is that so you can blow their horn?

You don’t know what you’re missing! I shutter to think.

Get past my looks and concentrate on values and character. As you can well imagine, words cannot do justice to how butt ugly this babe is.

I have an addiction to spinning classes. Do they serve Smirnoff?

Friendships are forever. Not when they catch you with their wives. Trust me on this one.

I am not looking for Mr. Perfect. Then you have the right guy. I wouldn’t even TRY to be perfect. Perfection is so…boring. Screw perfection. (Where did I get that?)

Live life. Whoa! Heavy. But one thought, as opposed to fucking what?

Love yourself first and the rest will flow. Lady, love yourself first and enjoy being alone.

I am a major NASCAR fan and never miss a race. Seriously, I’d rather a stick in the eye. Next!

I love to quad. I have no idea what that means. Is it like a foursome?

I’m either on the beach or on my Harley. One things for certain, we will never meet.

I am a single hardworking classy lady who enjoys conversating, long walks on the beach, enjoy staying home on a rainy day for non-stop sex in the company a gentleman. Let's have that first date on a rainy day!

This feature is based on Mimi Lenox’s Dating Profiles of the Day. Used with permission. We also apologize to my daughter for stealing the title of her blog, Screw Perfection, for our post title. It just REALLY fit...

Thank you for dropping by the WTIT Tape Radio Blog today. We will be back next time with something, we are sure. It might be just what you've prayed for! Check that, no deity would know anything about this blog. Meanwhile I'll go have a Smirnoff on the rocks, perhaps. Join us again.
Same time. Same blog.

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