Lola and Her Ghost

Saturdays on the WTIT Tape Radio Blog, we do a meme that is called Saturday 8. A woman named “Lola” posts the questions. All quotes in bold are from Lola. Also, any spelling and grammar mistakes that are in Lola’s meme, we leave there. We wouldn’t want to mess around with her “art”.

Alas, we are Lola’s least favorite participant. We are a little "rough" on her at times. We can't really understand why she hates our participation. Other than the fact we have noticed that Lola hates almost everything. It is very possible that Lola just does not really understand the concept of "humor”. We wrote her once to help explain. She obviously was still not amused.

tell us ... when was the last time you changed....

1. hairstyle? Solid question. Guys change their styles SO often. In the late sixties and seventies I was in the school and then a DJ. I wore it very long. Then I cut it to a normal length. For the full view, may I suggest The WTIT Photo Blog that has pictures of me and the boys from 1967 to 2007.

2. residence? In 2004, I moved the WTIT Studio to what we call now The Gatewood Studio. From our Penthouse Studio.

3. your job? God, this really sucks today. I am willing to BET that Lola DID NOT write these questions. Why would anyone want to be a “guest” Lola? Lola has a "ghost writer". Now I have seen it all. I’ve been doing God’s work, selling liquor since May of 2004. Kind of the same time I moved.

4. your significant other? I have not “changed”, as in having another one. But the infamous Bud and Mimi parting was on July 4th, last month. Kinda weird, for today it has actually been one month today. Thanks for asking.

5. your circle of friends? After each divorce along with property settlements, you do friend settlements. I always took the WTIT DJs and let her have everyone else. I few times I didn’t even get all the DJs, for some had been husbands of friends of that particular now ex-wife.

6. your favourite food? and what was the new discovery? Lola, why the English spellings? You are from Chicago. You live in fucking Florida. So what did you do, spend a semester at some school in England in the early eighties? And now, I bet, you spell words like “favorite” wrong so when people ask, “Are you a moron?” you can respond, “Yes. But that’s not it. I spent a semester in London”. My favorite food is steak, rare, on the grill. Some mushrooms and a great salad should do it. But, I have never changed that. So, I didn’t “discover” steak.

7. your favourite vacation spot? and why should we go? We as in you and I? Never. I’ll take the islands for a perfect vacation. So far I prefer St. Martin, but there’s lots of the Caribbean left.

8. your favourite movie or television show ... from what to what? I enjoy the lawyer and police dramas. For most of its run my favorite show was NYPD Blue. After that, Crossing Jordan. That’s when I cut it off with Kim Delaney and started things up with Jill Hennessy.

9. your underwear? I think 1987. And no she didn’t ask this. Saturday 8 means never having to write a ninth question. Ever.

The "Comeback Challenge" is on Mimi Lenox's "Dating Profile of the Day" blog. Play today and every weekend. It is fun, it costs nothing and it might keep you off the streets. Perhaps not...

I am still not sure, but I am guessing still that Lola did not write these questions. There were NO paragraphs at all. I think she added a bit before publishing. Lola wanted to make sure most of the questions still made no sense. Tomorrow the WTIT Blog will bring you “Sunday Stealing”. Enjoy your Saturday. We will return tomorrow. Same time. Same blog.


Dan said...

Oh my god! Look at you in that old photo!! Man, you were Mr. 70s in that weren't you? And you know what? That was the height of cool back then. Times change. :)

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Hey Dan-

Do they ever change. And how about the sweater? Do they get any uglier?

Anonymous said...

My dad's hair looked like that in the '70s too. :-)

By the way, I've been going through the WTIT site with all the photos and stuff and I love it. You have a real treasure with this thing Budman.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Hi Polli-

It is strange to have your life so docunmented. But we never gave it all that much thought. We even did some film work (Two shorts: One comedy. One Anti-war.)

Thanks! I am glad you like it.